Managing your remote internship [2/3] : Management mistakes

1) How to solve the lack of work ?

  • Ask your tutor to find tasks for you to do, usually it won’t be something that takes a long time to do, but you will avoid impostor syndrome. Don’t hesitate to insist, nobody will blame you if you are given a job.
  • Do your own internship. Even if it’s not supposed to be the purpose of the experiment, find your own work. This is the time to work on something you really like or on a subject you haven’t worked on before. Think about tasks you were supposed to do before confinement. Also ask yourself how you can improve team productivity.

2) How to solve non-quantifiable work ?

  • Ask for a clear and precise list of tasks from your internship supervisor. Even if these tasks are silly and repetitive, they should be quantifiable. This is not for your internship report but to be happy at work. And your supervisor will easily be able to see that you are doing your job. Again, there are scientific reasons. Your brain needs to tell itself at the end of the day, “I’ve done X number of tasks, that’s great”.
  • If you’re not given a clear list, create your own tasks and show your team that you’re moving forward. Check your own boxes, even if you don’t reach the final goal. Even with bad results, instead of “you didn’t do your job” you will have “by what other means do you think you will achieve the goal? This will lead your manager to give you leads to avoid starting from nowhere.

3) How to solve Micromanagement ?

  • Talk directly to your supervisor. In general this is not voluntary. Few people have been trained to manage from a distance.
  • Be proactive about your tasks and projects. Show that you are trustworthy and the extent of your skills.
  • Get into meditation, it’s a good thing I publish a weekly newsletter on the subject.
  • It’s the beginning of your internship. You don’t see yourself staying in a relationship with someone you no longer love and who doesn’t want to change things. It’s the same thing for work. Taking on yourself and “waiting for it to pass” will only make the situation worse. You will not develop skills and you will be disgusted with your experience. Which is a shame because there are some great internship stories.
  • You’re halfway through your internship. Tell yourself that the hard part is done. Buy a calendar, count the days, and share your experience on Glassdoor and with your colleagues to report the situation.




Try to build something cool with my computer

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Samuel Amsallem

Samuel Amsallem

Try to build something cool with my computer

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